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Benefit from wheatgrass

You want to start or upgrade your natural lifestyle? Then benefit from wheatgrass. It is definitely worth a try. Not only because of it’s effect on your health, but also because it’s easy to grow and to add to your diet.

In addition, it is also very popular among cat owners. Because cats really like it.


How to benefit from wheatgrass?

This plant has many health benefits. It is not only high in nutrients and antioxidants, it can also help with reducing cholesterol, work on you blood sugar regulation, alleviate inflammation and promote weight loss.

Wheatgrass contains:

17 Amino Acids
Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B Complex



  1. Rinse the seeds very well then put in a container and fill with water and soak for 8 hours.
  2. Drain and rinse well.  
  3. Spread the soaked seeds over the soil in the starter tray.  Make sure the soil is very wet.
  4. Cover the tray for 2 days, then remove cover.
  5. Let grow for 5 more days and be sure to water well every day. 
  6. Harvest the wheatgrass and wash, then put it through a wheatgrass juicer or use it to feed cats/livestock.


Benefit from wheatgrass through these offers

We offer different packages of wheatgrass. Are you new to growing wheatgrass then we advise you to buy the wheatgrass starter kit. This includes just enough seeds to fill the total tray, which we also include together with the soil.


If you already have a tray and soil and you’re not interested in a starters kit you can choose to buy only the seeds per these weights: 3 oz (the perfect amount of seeds for one tray), 9 oz or 18 oz


This is what we offer:

#1 Wheatgrass Starter kit, including:
- 3 oz wheatgrass seed
- 1 x Microgreens tray
- Soil

#2 Wheatgrass seeds, without tray or soil:
- 3oz wheatgrass seed
- 9oz wheatgrass seed
-18oz wheatgrass seed

#3 Microgreens tray 



Adding wheatgrass to your diet is generally save. Even for those with with celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. This is because only the seeds of the wheat kernel contain gluten — not the grass. However, if you do have a sensitivity to gluten we advise you to consult your doctor first.

It could also be that you experience symptoms like nausea, headaches or diarrhea after consuming wheatgrass in juice or supplement form. If this case it is best to decrease your intake.


Order details

This will ship in a 24"x12"x4" box
The weathgrass kit will weight 4lb 140z

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