10,000+ S.O.S Seeds Of Survival Vegetable / Fruit Organic Seed Kit

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Looking for a better way to live a healthy, sustainable life? Then we recommend you  our S.O.S. Seeds Of Survival Vegetable / Fruit Organic 10.000 Seed Kit! A carefully balanced mix of fruit and vegetable seeds that contribute to a healthier and cost-saving lifestyle. With this kit you are completely self-sufficient.

10,000+ Seed Pack with *30 Different FRUIT AND VEGETABLE VARIETIES




We Picked the Healthiest, Fastest Growing & Most Delicious NON-GMO Heirloom Varieties.

With 30 varieties, you will have plenty of tasty plants to make casseroles, appetizers, entrees, or eat raw.

All of our U.S. grown seeds were open pollinated and can easily be grown to product more seed for sustainable living; there's enough seeds to plant an entire acre! 

All of our seed pack consist of seed harvested for 2020 and are 99.9% pure with 93-98% germination rates depending on variety. 


Package includes:

Boston Pickling Cucumber - 40 Seeds

Red Acre Cabbage - 200 Seeds

Black Diamond Watermelon - 10 Seeds

Jumbo Pink Squasch - 6 Seeds

Organic Wheatgrass - 100 Seeds

Black Beauty Zucchini - 20 Seeds

Alfalfa - 500 Seeds

Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce - 1900 Seeds

Spinach - 100 Seeds

Argula - 500 Seeds

Utah Tall Celery - 325 Seeds

Red Core Carrot - 400 Seeds

Waltham 29 Broccoli - 160 Seeds

Southern Mustard Greens - 650 Seeds

Detroit Dark Red Beets - 200 Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - 30 Seeds

Little Marvel Peas - 30 Seeds

Straightneck Squash - 20 Seeds

Cayenne Pepper (long Red Slim) - 30 Seeds

Butternut Squash - 20 Seeds

Green Arrow Peas - 24 Seeds

Purple Top Turnip (White) - 1000 Seeds

Stingless Bush Bean (landera) - 10 Seeds

Clemson Spineless Okra - 60 Seeds

Park Island Romaine Lettuce - 1900 Seeds

Blue Scotch Kale - 1000 Seeds

Connecticut Field Pumpkin - 10 Seeds

Copenhagen Market Cabbage - 300 Seeds

Golden Ball Turnips - 1000 Seeds

Champion Radish - 300 Seeds


Totals Over 10,000 Seeds


All Seeds were open-pollinated to preserve the plant's genetic variation!

This ensures that your crop will be able to produce seeds of it's own! 

You will never have to buy seeds again for your children or future generations!


Germination information included with instructions.

Varieties may vary slightly depending on availability. The packaging may differ from the picture.

* Due to high order volume please expect 3-7 days for your order to be processed*


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